about me




Hi,Thank you for visiting my website. I am Vesna ,an administrator of the website, This website is about what I studied everyday in the job training held by the gorvernment. I think I will write articles for the programming.

Let me introduce myself,I spent time in junior highschool,highschool, then enter into a technical school to be a video game programmer. I used to work for video game firm as a temporary worker.but I felt I was fed up with a working condition,So I decided to work IT industry.

Since graduated from technical school, I participated in projects of celler phone, I experienced coding,testing,evaluation,chores etc.. there. But I felt anxierty for the future as a programmer.I changed my job, I started working for an accountant office, I studied and experienced a lot of things, I greatly appreciated my colleges. Now I have been studying programming as a hobby.


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